A commercial Co-Directed at Mainframe.
Mainframe came to me after seeing my concept Lamborghinis project. This was exciting as I’d not worked with them and their work is amazing.
The brief was awesome, create a race between some of Hondas most iconic vehicles highlighting Honda’s F1 partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso.
I wanted it to feel fast, aggressive and dangerous. I started by creating an animatic referencing some amazing projects, my favourite of which is the anime movie Redline, it’s incredible go check it out! 
With the edit done we were staring down the barrel of 60 shots! Quite a big task for the 6 person team we had onboard.
The most challenging part of the animation process were the transformations, especially when the two vehicles were of very different sizes. I really wanted each transformation to feel like it was really possible, so no cheating (to an extent) I think we achieved this on most shots.
The toon look we went with was made up of three passes. A base puzzle matte that acted as the main colours, we opted for this rather than colouring the render in case we needed to change colours in the comp. We had a shadow pass and finally we had our toon lines which went on top.

The whole process really was a delight to work on, the team were highly talented and a lovely bunch of people. We spent 2 months working on the film and it was received very well.

The music in this cut is non-offical and was not the version used.