Santa Hog Rider's Workshop | A Clashmas Special
Sun Creature brought us on board to work on a thrilling project for Supercell, which was both fun and super festive. The project involved bringing the beloved Clash of Clans characters to life in a 1930s rubber hose animation style for their annual 'Clashmas' film.

As a team, we delved deep into researching the animation and art direction of the 1930s to ensure that we captured all the nuances of that era. We created detailed watercolor backgrounds and playful characters, and put a lot of love into making the factory come alive with intricate pipes, tubes, and conveyor belts.

Our animators were excited to work on the rubber hose animation, and their enthusiasm shines through in the final piece. 

Supercell was an amazing client to work with, trusting us to do our thing and providing feedback through open discussion. It was a pleasure to work with such an excellent team, and we all had a lovely time bringing the 1930s back to life!

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