EA Games
Our friends at Realtime UK asked us if we could pitch on the trailer for the new Need For Speed Game with EA, so we jumped at the chance!
The game was being developed with a sick new cel-shading/realistic render style with illustrative motion design elements inspired by hip hop culture. It was clear that the Brand team had really done their homework, getting Professor H. Samy Alim on board as a cultural consultant and A$AP Rocky to feature in the game itself. Rocky also provided his new single ‘Shittin’ Me’ produced by Kelvin Krash for the trailer, which was incorporated and reworked by 2wei to create the score.
We worked closely with EA’s marketing team and in-house cinematic artists as well as the awesome team at RTUK to create the trailer in EA’s Frostbite engine. It was our first go at working in-engine which presented some new challenges for us. Working inside the game itself limits your options to exactly what exists inside the game. Also, when we started the job the game was still a long way from completion, so it wasn’t until the very end of the process where things really started to come together.
As the project neared the end we got hands on and created all of the motion design for the trailer. We combined pre-existing assets designed by the brand team and art department with custom design elements and animations to create the final look.​​​​​​​